God Is Almighty, God Is Love

I am Elias Jerez, with interest to find truthful people to make them "My Family" and treat them like this precious creature I hold in my arms.

I have been granted the gift of doing business and, once I bring "My Family" together, I have a business to develop with them.

To God be the Glory!!

God deserves all the credit!!!

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My Research Results:

1) Hydrogen Generator.

2) Electricity Generator.

3) Refrigeration without "Freon".

Some of this discoveries need to be patented, full disclosure after filing for patents.

 But before talking business, let's talk about the difference between true and lie.

If you would have the opportunity to choose where to live between a World of true or a World of lie, where would choose to live?

Your Answer

Believe, Miracles Happen