God Is Almighty, God Is Love

 This website is dedicated to Jesus Christ, my Lord and to my Christians brothers and sisters.

Favorite Psalms:

*Psalm #1

*Psalm #23

Elias Jerez says:

The Lord Jesus Christ is love and almighty, everything is possible to him.

My goal is to bring the world together to be a peaceful place where people is free to develop the capacity to do what they are meant to do best.

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Freedom Program

Is a marketing system which provides our members the opportunity to make what they buy  FREE as our way to say "Thank you for your support".

We appreciate your participation greatly because we need funds for other projects like:

1) Cost of fuel elimination.

2) Cost of housing elimination.

Steps toward FREEDOM for all.

Learn how to benefit, be part of the distribution channel.

Use the form below and receive $100.00 loan from me to get you started.

You need to be endorsed by a certified member to be granted a loan.

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Believe, Miracles Happen